Rotorua Mud Soap with Manuka Honey 125g

Rotorua Mud Soap with Manuka Honey 125g
Product description:

This is a gentle soap containing a very high percentage of geothermal mud from Rotorua which is rich in naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements to help cleanse, protect, heal and soothe the skin. Combined with New Zealand Manuka Honey which has natural healing properties, this soap is an ideal cleanser suitable for all skin conditions as it helps combat unwanted bacteria on the skin, often the cause of many skin infections. Suitable for use on the face as well as body.
Directions: Apply to a moist skin, lather and massage smoothly over the face and body. Rinse off with warm water, towel dry and moisturise. Use daily.

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Size: 125g/4.41oz

Price: $9.20
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