Lanolin Flax Kete 2

Lanolin Flax Kete 2
Product description:

Presented in a traditional Maori Flax Kete basket this popular gift option contains:

Lanolin Facial Moisturiser with Green Tea and SPF 15+

A replenishing moisturiser which combines Lanolin with SPF15+ and antioxidant rich Green Tea to protect your complexion against free radicals, and the sun’s everyday UV damage. Lanolin is exceptionally moisturising and conditioning, helping to rebalance your skin’s moisture level, ensuring optimum hydration all day long.

Size: 75ml/2.53oz

Lanolin Guest Soap

A luxurious, creamy soap that has a rich lather leaving your skin cleansed and soft to the touch.

Size: 40g/1.41oz

Price: $32.85
(All prices inclusive of local taxes/GST where applicable)

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